This summer, I joined the Design Innovation Team at Philips as a UIUX design Intern for a 3 month remote internship. Our team mainly focuses on how to shape the future of healthcare with cutting-edge technologies.
The product I mainly worked on is Lumify which is a handheld portable ultrasound machine.
Due to the NDA, I cannot share more details on my project publicly. Please reach out to me if you are interested. 

Commercials for Lumify

Learn New Fields: Ultrasound for pregnancy is such a foreign topic for a 23-year-old, single, male student like me! Thus, I need to quickly absorb all new information about the medical terminology and current workflow by reading through papers, watching videos, and talking to professionals.
Experiment AR Design: In this project, I have a chance to explore AR design. This is both exciting and challenging for me! A great lesson I learned is that creating and testing an AR prototype is really important since what makes sense in a 2D Sketch prototype may not work well in an actual AR prototype!
Apply Design System: Unlike school projects where I can improvise on the visual design, Philips has its own design language systems (DLS) that I need to follow. Along the way, I gain a better understanding of each UI component in a mobile app and form a good habit of creating symbols/components to design more systematically.

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