Philips Design Innovation
In the Summer of 2021, I joined the Design Innovation Team at Philips as a UIUX design Intern for a 3-month remote internship. Our team mainly focuses on how to shape the future of healthcare with cutting-edge technologies.
Role: UX Design intern
Time: 3 months, 2021
Tools: Sketch, Adobe Aero
Team: 1 UX researcher
The product I mainly worked on is Lumify which is a handheld portable ultrasound machine.
Due to the NDA, I cannot share more details on my project publicly. Please reach out to me if you are interested. Or if you are hiring managers, please check the resume for the password!
Learn New Fields:
Ultrasound for pregnancy is such a foreign topic for a 23-year-old, single, male student like me! Thus, I need to quickly absorb all new information about medical terminology and current workflow by reading through papers, watching videos, and talking to professionals.

Experiment AR Design: 
In this project, I have a chance to explore AR design. This is both exciting and challenging for me! A great lesson I learned is that creating and testing an AR prototype is really important since what makes sense in a 2D Sketch prototype may not work well in an actual AR prototype!

Apply Design System: 
Unlike school projects where I can improvise on visual design, Philips has its own design language systems (DLS) that I need to follow. Along the way, I gain a better understanding of each UI component in a mobile app and form a good habit of creating symbols/components to design more systematically.

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