We sought to investigate the needs of Heart Rate Monitor users by using various research methods for Wahoo Fitness. In this project, I mainly worked on the research analysis and design mockup.
Collaborated with Priya, Bethany, Jared and Reed|2 months
Heart Rate Monitor is any device capable of measuring and recording a user's heart rate, typically during exercise.
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Wahoo hero
Wahoo hero
Wahoo hero
Wahoo hero
Persona Group
People that use an HRM for casual exercise while working out by themselves or in small groups,
This persona group mainly works a job involving minimal physical activity and is concerned with just maintaining overall health.
We interviewed over 10 people who regularly use HRM from various brands to understand their opinions in general. We noted down what they like or what they dislike about their current device.
Prioritization Matrix
We used 2x2 prioritization matrices that allowed us to map patterns and trends based on quotes from users, which can then be used to identify problems and needs. The top right corner marks the most significant observations.
Based on user experiences and the presence of competition in the top right quadrant of all our 2x2 matrices, we focused on competition for our next steps
Personal competition and competition between different parties drives personal satisfaction with heart rate monitors because it provides understandable benchmarks and motivation
wahoo Problem
The current wahoo fitness app lacks the competition system either among friends or oneself. Too much information is cluttered on one page as well.
Create a platform comparing heart rate data between similar users. Previous workout data can be used to foster self-competition
First iteration
However during the testing, not all users appreciate the visualization and ranking page. One of the tester claimed that he preferred to see the result more directly and maybe just a sentence to summarize his day.

Second iteration

Final Design
Redesign the profile page to represent the heart rate data in a visually appealing way, introduce a ranking system among friends and record the self-improvement over time.

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